My recent changes in red. Last update 2004/12/10 16:03 —Gretchen

My recent changes in green. Last update 2007/12/29 18:12 PDT —Carl

System Specs (change to actual specs of system):

  • MB: Using Intel 845GL Chipset, 400Mhz FSB as baseline; Intel D865GLC motherboard
  • EIDE: Not fussy
  • LAN: 10/100 Ethernet
  • VGA: Not fussy
  • IO: Serial, USB 2.0, PS/2-KB&Mouse
  • Management: Not fussy (but serial-console redirect would be nice)
  • PCI Expansion: not fussy; 1 slot minimum (has 3, plus AGP slot, all unused)
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 256MB (266Mhz non-ecc unbuffered DIMM — see
  • Drives: 2xIDE 40GB 7200RPM
  • CD/FD: Floppy
  • Power supply: as appropriate; quiet and reliable
  • OS: FreeBSD 6.1 Stable
  • Case: Something relatively storable; mini-tower or the like
  • Backups: internal Sony DVD RW DW-U14A/1.0D Read speeds: DVD-ROM 8x, CD-ROM 32x, Write speeds: DVD-R 4x, DVD-RW 2x, DVD+R 4x, DVD+RW 4x, CD-R 24x, CD-RW 16x. CD-R write confirmed, DVD functions not tested yet.

Compare to: A120

Part Numbers:

  • Board Revision AA C28906-406
  • Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz 128KB cache, 400 Mhz system bus, 266 Mhz memory bus / AB0856-003 / N 3911D G1 / F0BG-12B251 06AC1 / DC 12V 0.28A
  • BIOS Version BF86510A.86A.0046.P10
  • 2006/2/14 300gb Seagate 7200rpm ATA disk added to 2nd IDE controller (ad3)
  • 2006/6/11 temporarily relocated to Carl's for FreeBSD 6.1 upgrade
  • 2006/6/14 upgraded to FreeBSD 6.1
  • 2007 memory upgraded to 2 GB

Disk Partitioning

NewToybox has two 40gb ATA disks (ad0 and ad1) on one controller, with the DVD/CD burner on the other controller. DVD capacity is 4.7 gb (not tested).

2006/2/14 A 300gb Seagate 7200rpm ATA disk (ad3) was added on the other controller.

FreeBSD lets you divide a disk into 1-4 slices, each with up to 8 partitions (although Carl would rather not use a-c except for their usual use of /, swap and whole (slice)).

For a server Carl likes having /, /usr, /tmp, /var, /var/tmp, and /var/mail be separate partitions, so users filling up one thing don't fill up the others. An entire gigabyte is pretty big for some
of those, but with disk around $1/gb… 256 MB is already 4x what / needs. Memory has been upgraded from 256 MB to 2 GB so swap should now have 2 GB on each disk for a total of 2xMem.

ad1 will be a warm spare of ad0 with files copied via rsync weekly or monthly and its version of /etc/fstab modified to refer to itself.

In /etc/fstab:

  • nodev on everything but / and /jail.
  • nosuid on everything but /, /usr, /usr/local, and possible /jail
  • noexec on /tmp /var/tmp and /var

The 280 GB disk /var/backup is for media files, PC backups, a subversion repository, plus general scratch purposes.

* ad0s1a     /                256 MB
* ad0s1b     swap         2 GB
* ad0s1d     /usr           4
* ad0s1e     /tmp          1
* ad0s1f     /var            8.2       (now includes /var/toybox and /var/cd)
* ad0s1g    /var/mail     1
* ad0s1h    /var/tmp        1

* ad0s2d    /usr/local      4
* ad0s2e    /jail             4
* ad0s2f    /home           4 (for easy backup to DVD)
* ad0s2g    unused          4 (reserved for future deployment)
* ad0s2h    unused          4 (reserved for future deployment)

* ad1s1b    swap            2 GB (and everything else a clone of above)

* ad3s1d    /var/backup     280 GB



".snap" at the top of each filesystem is used by the -L flag to dump to take a snapshot when doing a dump off a live filesystem. ".snap" should be owned by root, group operator, mode 770. (Dump isn't being used currently, though.)

~cdr/bin/newbackup is run to rsync disk0 to disk1.

To burn a CD on 5.2 (5.1 uses /dev/acd0c instead): burncd -v -f /dev/acd0 -s max data 5.2-i386-disc1.iso fixate The handbook describes how to mount a CD image file (.iso) as a virtual filesystem. I haven't tested this on 6.1.

Once subversion is set up Gretchen should test backing up her PC using that instead of unison.

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