Project42 Colo Requirements and Research

Colocation facility notes for Project42.


  • 1/4 rack (10U)
    • 4U for Kurt's servers and SonicWall VPN box
    • 2u For Carl's servers
  • 16 Fixed IP addresses ( /28 )
  • IPv6 availability a plus (although we won't use it in initial deployment)
  • Reverse DNS Delegation
  • 24x7 Remote hands *or* Remote Control Reboot
  • 24x365 controlled access
  • 99.9% uptime. Don't need dual power or network upstream links
  • Tight spam policy. Don't want to wind up on a blacklisted address range
  • Don't need backup service, we'll take care of that ourselves
  • How much Power do we need?
  • Bandwidth? 95% 1Mbps should be OK?
  • Annual or semi-annual billing
  • Preferably in bay area
  • 19 or 23" rack?
  • Any others Kurt?


  • Will they receive pre-configured boxes and install?
  • Charges for Remote Hands and delay?
  • How often do they test their power backup procedures?
  • Do they contact before executing a DMCA takedown notice, as they should?
  • Any others Kurt?


Possible Providers

  • Layer42 ruled out (see ColoLayer42)
  • seems to sell managed servers, not colo space
  • ColoGuys
  • SVColo recommended 2007/6/19 on baylisa mailing list: "I like I've been with them for over 6 years. They possess Clue, among other sterling qualities. They get a significant chunk of the credit for my own high service reliability."
  • Recommended at 2007/12/20 Bay LISA:
  • Bay Area Internet Solutions in Santa Clara
    • Quarter Rack offers choice of 19" or 23"; 5 Amps peak (4 steady) power
    • 19" is 17 3/4" W x 18"H x 28" D (10U)
    • 23" is 21 5/8" W x 18" H x 28" D (10U)
  • Colo points at (see above)
  • end of Bay LISA recommendations
  • ASA Computers offers colo services as well as servers
  • Netactuate in CRG Market Post Tower (in downtown San Jose)
  • More to come as Carl researches, although Kurt should feel free to add ideas here too
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