Carl's notes on Barada Brothers and the Panther People

1996/7/23 email from Carl to MaryK

So you'd think Earl & I would know better. I ran an adventure a few months ago for the Barada Bruddas ("Pocket Trolls" who handle street-level problems in a very low-powered Shadowrun; really they're just big goblins but trolls have a meaner rep) and they had an NPC decker provided by their employer, a 16-year old named Sparrow who was like, rilly rilly good but young. So Earl decided to run an adventure "to clear the Panther's good name" for the Barada Brothers (with Chrisber playing Gort and a stand-in playing Klaatu) and I played Sparrow as an NPC.

Our conclusion is that PC deckers are a bad idea NOT because they go do hour-long runs against ice (there wasn't any of that) but because they're linked into the worldwide information network and can use up a BIG chunk of the GM's available bandwidth while tracking down snippets of info. Now admittedly this was a mystery but then many Shadowruns are investigatory in nature, and I can see this flaw in any of them. It hardly helps that Sparrow is VERY inquisitive and I tend to that mode of play anyway, so even though Sparrow's a cool character I think before the next Barada Brothers run she's going to have to get sent off to summer camp by her parents. Maybe she'll hire the Brothers to come break her out. :-)

The other PC's are Cera's ex-cop, Gillian Brett, and Trip's motorcycle centaur (ex-military had herself cyborged), Harley. The first run also had Phyllis' big friendly dog shaman, Bernie, but she wasn't here this time so Bernie was off somewhere. Shamans aren't the most reliable of creatures, as I suspect Catalina would be the first to admit. Oh, and possibly John & Vicky should be counted as members of the party; they're the entertainment console and pocket secretary the PCs "befriended" in the first run. It was scary to see what 50 years of Moore's Law does to an answering machineā€¦

More and more I think the most important aspect of gaming is bandwidth allocation by the GM and players, but maybe that's just my job in networking shaping my beliefs. :-)

Sparrow's diary entry on "The Rake Thing"

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