1997/08/28 Bryant:

Subject: Kevin Fiver

Begin recording.

Status Report thirty-five gamma nine. Project is Kevin Fiver. Date is
January 1st, 2041. Status is green. I am fourteen years old.

The noise you can hear behind my voice is the pleading of my physician,
Jane Boland. She is not dead, because she was very kind to me. I
think she's worried that she will die. I don't have time to reassure

I need to report on my mission. I don't have time for that, either,
but I haven't been able to break all the bioconditioning yet. I'm
really worried that someone will come by but there's not a fucking
thing I can do about it. On with it.

You sent me to kill Frank Taylor, the CEO of Neurokind, a small
neurology research firm of no particular note. I overheard Robert
Longfeather once saying that we — that you subcontracted some work to
them once. You didn't teach me anything about corporations, so I have
no idea if that has anything to do with why Frank had to die.

You informed me that Frank, who I believe I will simply call "the CEO"
from here on in, had a weakness for children. He donated large sums of
money to a number of child-oriented charities, including the Children's
Hospital and a last wish foundation or two. It was believed that he
would be accessible through this weakness.

I was culled from what must have been a horde of orphans. I believe
that there is an artificial block on my memories, as I cannot remember
anything about my parents at all. I do not think I was a streeter,
since I recall being in good physical condition at the start of my
training. Streeters are not in good physical condition, and I must
accustom myself to this truth.

I was in far better physical condition after my training. As well,
wires had been run down my spine and along the organic conduits of my
nerves. There is a socket at the base of my neck in which I may insert
a small chip that gives me access to skills I do not possess. I have
only a Mossad assassination chipset at present, but I have found it to
be a very good companion. My hair is cut so as to hide the socket: it
is imperative that I be indistinguishable from a normal child.

You did not permit me to set the time and place for the assassination
myself. I am currently wearing the Mossad chipset; I currently believe
that I would have been able to do so better than you. I do not have
time to take the chipset out to check my perceptions and it would not
be safe to do so.

Regardless of these issues, the assassination was scheduled for a
publicity visit to the Children's Hospital. The CEO would be meeting a
number of terminally ill children, under heavy security. You
manipulated my body to produce symptoms of cancer and sent me to lie in
wait. I suspect that computer records were altered to perfect the
deception but this is another of the many things I was never told.

I spent two weeks in sickbed. My chipset lived in a small compartment
behind my knee. The visit was scheduled for December 24th. Everything
went as planned. I wish I could deprive you of the details, but I am
trying very hard to keep my mouth shut and failing.

He was kindly. He asked me if there was anything I wanted. Books.
Toys. I told him I'd forgotten what toys were like. He looked very
surprised as I reared up from my bed, chipset in place, moving faster
than his eyes could follow. I drove my fingers into his neck, just as
I was trained. I tried so hard to keep him from suffering, but as I
went through the window and rolled onto the roof below I could hear him

One of his bodyguards, an Amerindian, was as fast as I was. I took the
element of surprise and drained it for all it was worth. Despite my
efforts, his bullets creased my temple, causing violent fluctuations in
my internal headware. I believe this was the proximate cause of my

On returning to my lab, I requested medical attention. Jane failed to
detect the abnormal headware functions. If you punish her in any way
for this I will come after you no matter what. I spent the following
week recuperating and worrying about what you would do with me now that
my purpose was at an end. Using meditative techniques taught to me as
a combat aid by Longfeather, I attempted to initiate a destructive loop
in my bioconditioning, with a large degree of success.

My Mossad chipset tells me that this medical facility is the best point
from which to begin an escape. I thus waited until my scheduled
checkup to begin escaping. Jane was very easy to overpower; my
conjecture which I still must fucking share with you is that you
allowed your confidence in my bioconditioning to lull you into relaxing

In another week I'll have overridden the last of the bioconditioning,
but I can't afford to risk Jane or any of you noticing something. I
don't think I could contain my hatred that long. But at least you
won't get any more reports. Operation security requires that I do not
risk transmissions back to this facility until the operation is
complete or if I am in danger of immediate death.

I am defining my own operations now. My current operation involves
having the hardwired portions of the bioconditioning chopped out of my
head, and then there will be nothing left to tie me to you. My chipset
and I are very confident that we will accomplish this.

If you come after me I will defend the operation to the best of my
abilities. I've classified it as Top Secret. I don't have to believe
that any of you haven't turned traitor to the company. You know my
recommendations are honest, because of the fucking bioconditioning, so
hear this: I recommend you all stay put.

If you're lucky my body will reject the cyberwear within a year
anyhow. I know I'm still growing.

My bioconditioning says that's enough.

Status Report thirty-five gamma nine over. Kevin Fiver out.

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