Don't Lose Your Edge

Adaptation of Fred Hicks' excellent Don't Rest Your Head to run Shadowrun in Carl's variant setting, which is something like Ghost in the Shell with Shinto.

Don't Lose Your Edge rules and character sheet

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Apricot's icon was made by Liralen using the Gen8hedgehog's DA Anime Facemaker. The others were made by Liralen or Carl using the Dancing Samurai Avatar flash.

Player Characters

2008/11/10 #2 Seattle spring 2041

Liralen Le Merle Blanc
Cera Apricot (Anzu)
Trip Rei

Apricot (Anzu)


An untrained shaman

Why are you living on the Edge?
To avoid the things that talk to me eating the people I care about if I get careless. Plus life on the streets is more real & fun.

What just happened to you?
Kicked out of the apartment she was crashing at when she wouldn't use her powers to help the guy with his plans.

What's on the surface?
A cute deco-girl, a little dirty around the edges, genki & talkative, warm & caring. Black & apricot hair, brown eyes.

What lies beneath?
A lot of fear, loneliness, wants to get close to people but keeps them away.

What's your path?
Someone who accepts me for who I am, who I know I'm not dreaming. Plus, a fan club would be cool.

Responses: 2 Fight, 1 Flight ?

Edge Talent: Getting people to tell me their secrets

Magic talent: Spirit Talker


  • Elf lock w/ gold chain braided in
  • My own goblin, that I traded his killer's hands for ?

Le Merle Blanc

Le Merle Blanc

A razorgirl

Why are you living on the Edge?
"Fights are good!" and "If only one remains standing, I need to be that one."

What just happened to you?
I found three green boys that looked like a fun fight!

What's on the surface?
Elf poser razorgirl! Silver limbs, chrome chainmail, and a duster that is always and forever white. Pale rain-colored eyes that change with… uhm… the weather! That's it. The weather.

What lies beneath?
An elven princess with the ten spirits of the gang members that swore a blood oath to be together forever. Ten boys and girls that died in one battle that only Blanc survived, so they lend her their strength, speed, and wish that they'd been the one left. No cyberware at all.

What's your path?
Acceptance of myself as an elf.

Responses: 3 Fight

Edge Talent: Agon

Magic Talent: Ten-spirited


  • Runaway Elven Princess (ears)
  • ?



An awesome hero of the streets

Why are you living on the Edge?
There are people out there who need help.

What just happened to you?
A monster just ate my left eye.

What's on the surface?
CLAMP boy with flowing black coat

What lies beneath?
Child of privilege

What's your path?
Am I human?

Responses: 2 Fight, 1 Flight

Edge Talent: Scarier Than You.

Magic Talent: Appear/Disappear


  • Eye eaten by monster (and taken back)
  • ?

Non-player Characters

  • Yamako Yamako - 12, goblin runaway from foster parents
  • Ruby Ruby - gorgeous redhead licensed companion, Yamako's sister looking for her, saved from goblin gangers by Rei
  • The guy who kicked Apricot out of his apartment when she wouldn't use her powers to help him with his plans. (I like to think he's Kagami's roommate Miwako's scary ex, but perhaps its unwise to cross the streams.)
  • The bartender and waitress at the bar the PCs were at, with business being ruined because the Seraphim were scaring away customers by being creepy
  • Seraphim - children of the street who look after themselves but never talk; wear surgical masks with an unknown kanji. Led PCs to Ruby in trouble with Goblin gang
  • 6 goblin gangers messing with Ruby. Le Merle Blanc beat them up.
  • Unnamed Goblin gang leader saved by Apricot so belongs to her now
  • Unnamed featherboy who shotgunned Goblin gang leader as he was leaving the alley. Had his hands chopped off by Apricot in the alley
  • Nameless alley fed the blood of justice
  • Featherboy driver of the motorscooter shotgun team. Brother of the gunner. Rei took both their cellphones.
  • Sushi chef who wants to visit Japan.
  • Zakura Yakuza-in-training Gogang (Bosozoku) with tattooed kanji for "Swim or Death" on their left arms who got sushi and didn't pay, and their female mage (with properly spelled tattoo of "Speed and Death" who wrote her number on Rei's hand and gave the marker with Kiyatxunl Imports logo to Apricot for her Deco.
  • Elf gang who Blanc and Rei beat up, who gave them Ruby's phone number
  • Well-dressed mage and the eye-stealing monster he brought into being through a terrible crime, both handed over to the elves to set the crime right. Admitted to being hired by Kiyatxunl Imports?
  • Four wired company men accompanying mage who made the mistake of bringing guns to a hotel fight with Blanc and Rei
  • Sabuto Knowledge Systems (SKS) who are also apparently looking for the goblin girl
  • Someone put up flyers with Yamako's picture and a phone number to call
  • Girl is apparently important to Aztechnology somehow? Apricot is planning to talk to her blood.


(With many thanks to Marith for noting these!)

"You can't bring an elf to an orc fight! That's cheating!"

(character points to her fake elf ears)

"…we got beat by an elf poseur? Oh man….okay, I'll tell you anything, just don't tell my gang about this."

"I dunno, does an alleyway have an inherent sense of justice?"

"Yes. It's an alleyway that I'VE been in."

"Good point."

"So we have this collection of cellphones and numbers now. Four phones from the orcs, and did you take the phone of the guy whose hands you chopped off? How about the girl you rescued?"

"I think her phone was an implant. With that dress, where would she have carried it?"

"We do have an extra pair of hands now. Swap someone for a replacement for Rei's eye, maybe?"

"Man, Craigslist gets creepier every year."

Just as they got to the climactic confrontation, they ran out of scheduled time (Dave returned and indicated he would sort of like his apartment back.)

GM: Okay, there's a big violent fight scene. A reality check is drawn on the First National Bank of John Woo. Afterwards…

(Credit where it's due: I got that quote from Bryant)

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