2007/12/7 We decided against using Layer42 colo in Santa Clara for Project42 but information on it is archived here.


2007/11/30 F 4pm
Quote requested from Layer42 for 1/4 rack (10U) in their Santa Clara facility with /28 subnet (16 addresses), billed annually.


11/30 F 1600 PST
Talked to Mike Rubin(sp?) in Sales at Layer42 who said he could respond by next week. See call notes below.
11/30 F 1635 PST
Request for Quote emailed by kurt to ten.24reyal|selas#ten.24reyal|selas
12/03 T 1630 PST
Status update: No quotation yet received; follow-up sent by Kurt via e-mail
12/04 T 1600 PST
Carl left message for Layer42 sales 408-450-5740 asking if they got Friday's email, asking for email back to kurt and cdr at or a return call to Carl's cellphone.
12/04 T 1900 PST
Interim response received from Layer42 - Kurt replied to the request from Layer42 concerning Spinlock Technologies LLC's corporate registration. Note: Layer42's ticket tracking number for our quotation request is #27709.
12/04 T
Waiting for quote from Layer42. See Contact Log below for history
12/06 R 23:08 UTC
Sent status update request to Layer42
12/05 03:30 UTC
Status update: Initial response from Layer42, trying to confirm corporate status of Spinlock Technologies LLC. Kurt suggested that they check Delaware. If this is a problem, may have to punt, becuase Kurt does not have a copy of the corporate title anywhere it is easy to find. May have to request a duplicate from Delaware Secretary of State. However, let's wait to see if they can't just find the record online.
12/07 F
Layer42 not suitable.


Website 1/4 rack $275/month with $100 setup, 1Mbps @95% bandwidth.

2007/11/30 F 4pm PST initial call with Mike Rubin re Santa Clara colo:

  • ten.24reyal|selas#ten.24reyal|selas
  • 30x30 cage with 20 racks
  • Silicon Valley Power 2nd most reliable in country
  • UPS and generator tested monthly
  • IPv6 available experimental
  • Reverse DNS delegation through customer webform, password protected
  • Paired with major networks via Fiber Ring to bay area data centers
  • 1Mbps @95% on 1Gbps burst - overage $125/Mbps billed by Kbps
  • Very aggressive anti-spam policy
  • 5% discount for annual invoice
  • Remote hands $160/hour in quarter-hour increments, within the hour during business hours
  • 4 remote reboot ports through the customer portal


Carl Asks: Back in 2003 suggests Layer42 hijacked IP blocks and but may have been resolved since then. Also possibly,, and . None of those appear to be in use now (see below). What do you think?

Kurt responds: Not particularly concerned, as the age of the dispute seems great, and there is not any particular trend that I can see.

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