Barada Brothers

Barada Brothers

The Barada Brothers were Klaatu and Gort, two big clever goblins who claimed to be pocket trolls, that had several Shadowrun adventures in the 1990's. They were played by Earl and Chrisber in adventures run by Earl or Carl. Cera played Gillian Brett, a female human cop, and there were various others.

This page is intended to record what is remembered of them, and anyone who played in those games is welcome to ask for editing privileges, so they can add what they remember.

Their Comrades

Feel free to expand these.

Gort Barada (played by Chrisber)

Klaatu Barada (played by Earl)

Gillian Brett (played by Cera), female human cop, always referred to as Brett.

Harley (played by Trip), motorcycle centauress.

Bernie (played by Liralen), a big friendly goblin shaman with Dog totem

Rags (played by Gretchen), a street kid recruited and wired by a fixer who continued his business by proxy
after he got killed.

The ex-French Foreign Legion dogrigger I don't remember the name of, that Vicky set "Julie" up with. (played by Jeremy as a guest star)

Spider (played by Gretchen).


Kevin Fiver The kid Bryant played whose cyberware wound up in Brett, if I recall.

Sparrow, their teen decker, who also had an adventure with a Baker in the Phillippines with Rags but without the Barada Brothers.

Did Jason Thu ever run with the Barada Brothers? (played by Bryant, the big human
ex-basketball player who got all the wrong rigging. When basketball went cyber he went for muscle replacement but the sport went with wired reflexes so he was obsolete.)

People and things

Julie, their first postmortem client

Vicky, the perfect pocket secretary for Julie/Brett

John, the home entertainment system of Julie/Brett

Their Legend

Three Goblins and a Funeral (their first adventure)

1996/4/20 Carl GMed. Gort, Klaatu, Bernie, Bret, Harley

In which Julie Foster hires them to investigate her own murder via her smartphone Vicky, who mistakes Brett for Julie.
Brett moves into Julie's apartment. The team meets John, Julie's overspecced entertainment center.

Sparrow 30k
Ghost Money Innovations (GMI)
Ule b. Samuels, Corp Phone

Barada Brothers and the Panther People

Earl GMed, after watching Bringing Up Baby. Carl's notes on the game

"We want you to clear the panther's good name."

This is the source of Sparrow's handy quote, "The rake thing."

Barada Brothers in "All the Love you Need"

1996/8/11 BB3 Klaatu, Gort, Brett, Harley

"Calculated Goblin Martyrs"
They did a job for a chemical research
company and got paid off with a pill (each) that makes the subject fall in
love (Actually two kinds; one was True Love, that never dies, and the
other kind was a kind of Religious Love/Awe). They haven't used them
yet, except for Klaatu using his on a Wendigo, who now loves him but is
a continent away.

Emotigen C.A. founded 20 years ago.
CEO Matt Blank (deceased)
CFO Mark Denver
Lucy (??? Denver) died 14 years ago
Sec Chief Frank Glass - fired
COO Ting Sha Shan
Exec VP Simon Blank - disinherited

Jack 3:16
Goodlife PLC
Bogemanj Angel 10/5 tabs FirstLove, 1 tab TrueLove, 5 tabs AweLove
Tusk Boyz gogang
Tusk born 12/25/2029 mm becomes CEO
Ancients Moonrunner

"I see no point in testing my masculinity against humans."
Boogieman Angel, 4 tabs FirstLove
"They didn't come to the Barada Brothers so we could get a good night's sleep."
Klaw Frawl Ollie

Barada Bruddas in "Fall of a Sparrow"

1996/8/12 snippet of email from Carl to MaryK

In tonight's game of Shadowrun The Barada Brothers (& Associates) called in their Decker (Sparrow, who's 16 but pretty good) and got her voice mail program telling them her parents had sent her off to summer
camp WITHOUT her deck, and pleading with them to come rescue her; she even offered to give up her share of their next run in payment. It looks like that may be the next session.

In tonight's session we discovered how terrifying a wiring 2 street samurai with a smartlinked SMG is vs. two goblins with wiring 1 and two unwired, although they did chase him off after he ran out of combat pool
to dodge attacks with. Brett thinks she might need to get wired.

1996/9/1 GMed by Carl:
The Barada Bruddas were hired to investigate mysterious disappearances in a summer camp in the deep woods (I think Montana), and brought Rags and Sparrow to play the part of kids. They hired Frederica, a goblin changeling, who I think wound up getting eaten by the Wendigo who then took her shape and fell in love with Klaatu (or was it Gort?) and moved to the east coast.

For bonus fun they uncovered a nearby camp with some cybergeezers and excitement ensued.

Body 9* Chi 8 Mnd 5 (Cha 6) Ref 4*
Essence Drain, Fear, Infection, Regen, Influence

Chrisber Gort Barada
Earl Klaatu Barada
Cera Gillian Brett
Gretchen Rags

Sparrow, Reiko, Moonspinner, Vicky
Frederica, Goblin Changeling for Hire
Yoshi Taka Taka & Associate (found in forest) on plane out; Ghost Spear
Reiko's 2 bodyguards found dead in shallow grave w/ 60yr cyber-guy

?… (add others as remembered)

Carl: Over the holiday weekend (July 1997) I ran Barada Brothers ("Butterflies are Free").
That was probably the one where Barada Bruddas get hired to check out Meadhbh.

Barada Brothers and the ghouls, with coldblooded use of the Hat to foil a sniper.

Barada Brothers and the Whore of Babylon

An apocryphal adventure that was never run, in which the Brothers and newly-wired Brett would have gone to Hollywood to do meetings for a possible show based on them. "Is there any reason they couldn't be elves?" It would have probably gone something like this (Youtube).

Misc Notes

Carl: I want to have guns rare but dangerous, martial arts really common, magic uncommon and eerie, and the Wired to be terrifying but too expensive to be running around all over the place.

1997/11/18 I adapted Legend of the Five Rings to create Shadowring
mechanics for Saturday's (11/22) Barada Bruddas game. I can convert the characters over in a couple of minutes and teach the system in a minute. The important thing to note is that combat is now fast and deadly, and two punches or one clubbing at the hands of Los Bros Barada should take the average human down. And wiring is really, really good to have, but Brett already knew that.

The Wendigo adventure used Feng Shui.

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