Sparrow was the teen decker the Barada Brothers often use, and the coiner of the immortal phrase "The rake thing" in the Barada Brothers and the Panther People. After various harrowing adventures she went on a relaxing vacation (I think in the Phillippines) with Rags and Mundo Cani, and Reiko. Or so they'd hoped.

Gretchen emailed me this writeup 2000 Jan 24:

Mermaid Inn

  • Monday Conner: Mundo Cani
  • Jenni Doji: Reiko
  • Nicky Anderson: Sparrow
  • Katie Burroughs: Rags
  • Charles Leo: 6 foot tall, spry, brownish hair, British accent, limp
  • Linda Archer: his age, warm, bakes nice things, matronly
  • Nigel: black female medical student from South Africa
  • Clay: Nigel's young fellow, tall, muscular, swims daily, Zulu warrior works out with a spear at dawn
  • Gwen: artificial left foot and hand, mid-30s, collects & wears antique cyberware
  • Bob: newspaper man from Texas, ancient, gray hair, slimy, exec fixer
  • Shayla, Marie: 17, dark Irish, shy, fake backtrail, doesn't live in her body computer bracelet, right arm, artificial eyes, pale
  • Toby, Diego, Oswaldo, and Esteban
  • Isabelle, Melinda, Laksmy

3 spare rooms, one very nice one reserved.

Shayla likes Mundo Cani, and the girls arrange to leave them alone in romantic circumstances. Romance ensues.

Later, a ghost, or person in a chill suit, sneaks into the room at night and fumbles at Sparrow's hands. Rags wakes up and notices, and climbs over Sparrow. Sparrow grabs Rags and they scuffle; the ghost vanishes in the interim. 3 years ago Miranda Shapiro was in this room; she seemed to have a fake ID. 2 and 1 years ago she woke to think there was someone sleeping in the room with her. It turns out that the window is very quiet and easy to open. Reiko sneaks out and breaks into Mundo Cani's and Gwen's rooms, and establishes that their windows are the same. The windows were replaced by the current owners after a hurricane.

Mundo Cani summons the spirit of the inn, which is a plush white rabbit who was under the bed. It says that only guests were in the room and tries to talk him into staying or visiting again. (Oatmeal is the name of the rabbit.)

Everyone goes downstairs to talk to Linda, who assures them that the ghost wouldn't want to hurt them. Mundo assenses her and she's magically active, tied to the hotel, spends most of her time in the kitchen, and has no blood on her hand. The pies have an active astral presence. The crusts of the pies glow as if things were traced into them; magic was kneaded into the dough when it was made. They seem to be an astral beacon for spirits.

In her sleep, Sparrow had typed:

The phone rings, and Rags answers; the sound of bells/ringing and clicks. The bunny says that the phone was for Mundo Cani. Sparrow tries the equivalent of *69 and gets no such service. Mundo tells the spirit of the phone that he's looking to talk to anyone in the hotel who wants to talk to him.

That morning, it turns out that Shayla has also checked out "to think for a while". A hair is produced on Mundo Cani, and he uses it to track her in case she's in trouble. He runs into a man holding a pie, knocking him over. The pie has a strong link to Shayla, and it seems that she must be dead to Mundo's knowledge, so he begins to howl. It is decided that the group needs to find out where she is. They question the owner of the pie shop about these pies.

Apparently Linda is baking people into pies and selling the bad spirits to random people via pie shops.

"I don't sleep with very many people."
"You're twelve!"

The fishing boat is named the Live Bait IV. No human blood or taint of death. Checking out on deckers fitting this profile who made big 7+ years ago leads to fuzzy consideration of the royal affair, where the Duke of Buckingham attempted a coup. The tanker is around more when more people vanish.

Rumormill regarding decker brains: Black ice is derived from Echo Mirage. Rumor about a Renraku space station going bad/buggy, down to the headware/wireware. Shuttle left it and was shot down. Skull and head protected in a crash helmet with a lot of headware and memory. They found non-Echo-Mirage derived ice.

Tanker is owned by Snowstream (shell company that makes ice) and Renraku.

Charles Leo: blood on his hands, steeped in violence and wire. Planning on killing people in the future; has killed people in the past. Associates with spirits.

Things to follow:

  • retrofit of tanker.
  • Employees of Snowstream.
  • Go to Ireland, talk to Shayla's spirit.
  • Local contacts in the Philippines.
  • Other potential decker roach hotels.
  • There are perhaps 140 missing people, whose identity trails ended in this hotel.

Sadly, Part 2 was never run.

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